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Make Learning Your Hobby

In this day and age, internet access opens up a world of opportunities for learning new things and educating oneself at no cost! However, because of the vast wealth of knowledge available, it can be difficult to find what is worth your time and what is not.

Here are some resources that I’ve found to be helpful and interesting in my self-education:

Learn a new language with Livemocha! I’ve been using this service for nearly two years now and it’s great!

Free Audio Books (If you aren’t able to use the popular audio book apps, these are sites that enable you to stream or download.)

Sermons aren’t just for Sundays!

Ted Talks 

Remember – you don’t need a practical reason to spend time learning. Do it for the intrinsic motivation of fun and fascination!

Instigate a Life Change!

It’s hard to instigate a life change when you don’t know what you’re doing – at least, that’s been my experience.

So! Here’s a list of links to blogs, articles, and videos that really changed & improved the way I do life. I hope they’ll be of as much or even greater use to you!

Tony Robbins Seminar – Change the Way You Live by Changing the Way You Feel

Ken Robinson – Schools Kill Creativity

Ken Robinson – Changing Education Paradigms

Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Blog - A Self Employed Man Who Travels Around the World & Challenges Mediocrity

Blog – Minimalism & Living a Meaningful Life With Less Stuff

Elizabeth Gilbert – On Nurturing Creativity & Our View of “Geniuses”

Seth Godin – On Standing Out

Seth Godin – On Tribes We Lead

Dan Buettner – How to Live to be 100+

Zen Habits - Find Simplicity in Your Daily Life

Oprah - What Oprah Learned From Jim Carrey

Kim Walker – A Lifestyle of Worship

Into Mind – Positive Psychology: The 3 Sources of Happiness

John Mayer – Manage the Temptation to Publish Yourself

Ken Robinson – A Learning Revolution

Using Dance to Explain Science

I never would have combined science and dance together. However, this presentation is the result of someone who did. Combine people who are analytical geniuses and people who find their hearts in beautiful movement and what do you get? This: