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Instigate a Life Change!

It’s hard to instigate a life change when you don’t know what you’re doing – at least, that’s been my experience.

So! Here’s a list of links to blogs, articles, and videos that really changed & improved the way I do life. I hope they’ll be of as much or even greater use to you!

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Blog – Minimalism & Living a Meaningful Life With Less Stuff

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Seth Godin – On Standing Out

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Dan Buettner – How to Live to be 100+

Zen Habits - Find Simplicity in Your Daily Life

Oprah - What Oprah Learned From Jim Carrey

Kim Walker – A Lifestyle of Worship

Into Mind – Positive Psychology: The 3 Sources of Happiness

John Mayer – Manage the Temptation to Publish Yourself

Ken Robinson – A Learning Revolution

Using Dance to Explain Science

I never would have combined science and dance together. However, this presentation is the result of someone who did. Combine people who are analytical geniuses and people who find their hearts in beautiful movement and what do you get? This:

You Might Keel Over Dead Before You Finish Reading…

Yesterday, I read an interesting chapter of Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It was entitled, “You Might Not Finish This Chapter”. His point? He merely stated that I might keel over dead before I finished turning the last precious page of chapter three. It struck me as odd because that had never really occurred to me, but also because it was absolutely true.

WAIT. Stop. Listen…

Do you realize that you might not finish reading this blog post? You might keel over dead at any minute. Did you smile when you read that? I did too. It sounds absurd and a bit morbid. But seriously! If you died right now would you be okay with how you lived your life? Would the causes of your stress and anxiety matter? Would any of the things you put your greatest amount of time and energy towards matter?

If not, then why wouldn’t anyone just say “To hell with it all!” and go do whatever they want? Kill the people they hate, blow through all their money, and get fat off of Mickey D’s? Then you’d die happy, right? NO! The people who do that are often truly miserable and constantly running from temporary high to temporary high because they can’t find lasting joy or peace. (Actually, they probably wouldn’t even be running, they’d be so unhealthy from Mickey D’s that they’d have to roll on their stomachs as their girth spilled over the top of their sweats.) Don’t be that person.

So, why aren’t you doing everything in your power to seek out lasting joy and peace? Why aren’t you helping out as many people as possible? Why aren’t you generous now? Why are you still working at the job you hate because it pays more than the job you love? Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize your plan was to work your butt off for money, hoard it all your life in case of famine, and then have it snatched from your cold, curled fingers when you kick the bucket. This is no way to live (or die)!

Chase after the things you are truly passionate about! Enjoy the material luxuries – but be able to find happiness without them. Give your time, attention, and love to those who love you and those who don’t. Be the happiest person you know! Eat organic. Find your lasting joy and peace in Jesus. Woops! It’s not politically correct to say that is it? Should I say, “Seek out the higher power that works for you?” bullcrap

Love Jesus and live for him – I guarantee that your life will change and that you will find the real stuff – lasting joy and peace. And hey, even better – if you do that, when you die (or right before), you’ll be absolutely certain of living out eternity with your Savior in Heaven!

I wasn’t planning on turning this into a sermon. I just really love Jesus, and it makes me sad to see so many people who live exceedingly far below their potential because they can’t find fulfillment. Just know that if you’re living a passionless life – one where you’re just trying to survive – you have a choice. You always have a choice.

I’ll see you next blog post! If not, you can assume that I actually did keel over dead, and I am now chillin’ with Jesus.