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99% of the Time I’m Trying to Be Brilliant, the 1% is When I Succeed

Why do it this way, if it can be better? Why be good when you can be great? I am not a person who is easily satisfied. I like things to reach their full potential (which is all relative of course, but in my own mind that means: better than it is now). However, sometimes this perfectionism can distract me from what is really important. 

This is especially true in creating art and the formation of ideas. I often try to wait until I have a good idea to begin writing the next chapter in my story. Or I’ll wait weeks to write a song until I’m sure that the idea in my head is worthy. Basically, I’m waiting for the brilliant inspiration to knock on my door before I decide to go to work. This is wrong.

This is wrong because it takes on the presumption that one can be brilliant all the time: that a songwriter only writes hits, that an author only writes best sellers, that a baseball player only hits home runs, that a dancer only dances with grace and beauty. I like to write, but 99% of what I write is crap. Every once in a while I write something brilliant and I think “Wow! That couldn’t have possibly come from me.” But that’s 1 freaking percent of the time! Dancers fall in the middle of pirouettes. Baseball players strike out. Authors’ books turn out to be flops. However, that is only 99% of the time: the time of preparation, hard work, and dedication.

The 1% is your streak of genius.

I have to think of myself as Santa Claus – for 364 days of the year I am preparing. Then Christmas Eve is when all the joy and genius pour out in rush and frenzy. Then when all the excitement dies down – I return to my work and prepare for next year.

Instigate a Life Change!

It’s hard to instigate a life change when you don’t know what you’re doing – at least, that’s been my experience.

So! Here’s a list of links to blogs, articles, and videos that really changed & improved the way I do life. I hope they’ll be of as much or even greater use to you!

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Using Dance to Explain Science

I never would have combined science and dance together. However, this presentation is the result of someone who did. Combine people who are analytical geniuses and people who find their hearts in beautiful movement and what do you get? This: